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Consensus Principles on patient access to safe biotechnological medicines in Latin America

In December 2015, 34 patient groups attended a workshop in Buenos Aires (Argentina) co-hosted by the Global Alliance for Patient Access (GAfPA) and the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO).

The workshop aimed to strengthen cross-functional and cross-country relationships among stakeholders to foster an active and engaged pharmacovigilance network in Latin America and to work on advocacy and policy tools to achieve this goal.

During the workshop, patient groups approved five principles on 4 key issues to protect the safety of patients, secure safe access to biotechnological medicines and biosimilars, and preserve the physician-patient relationship, which is fundamental in healthcare: Consensus Principles on patient access to safe biotechnological medicines in Latin America.

The principles will help patient groups to advocate at national level promoting their engagement at all level of decision making as well as patient safety.

Full document and list of participants and signatories:

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Alianza General de Pacientes - AGP

In February 2015, the General Alliance of Patients (Spain) presented a manifesto (in Spanish) inviting public administration to strengthen biologic drugs security.

If you have any position papers or patient information on this topic, please contact us.

IAPO Latin America regional meeting of patient organizations

In August 2014, the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO) and Alianza Latina convened a debate with leading health figures to discuss the contribution of patients and patients’ organizations in drug regulation to ensure patients receive access to safe and quality healthcare. 

Read the meeting report here.