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Videos, audio recordings and other online resources to help you explore biosimilar medicines.


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CLAPBio is a Latin American Centre for Research on Biological and Biosimilar Medicines. Videos, audio recordings and slides are available on their website in Spanish and Portuguese.

CLAPBio Videos

An introduction to Biological and Biosimilars from Dr Gilberto Castañeda Hernández (CINESTAV – Mexico), in Spanish subtitled in Portuguese:


Introduction on Biosimilars and their regulation from Dr Ricardo Garcia, Secretary of Biotechnology, Science and Health at the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Federal District (Brazil) in Portuguese:



CLAPBio Audio 

Interview of Dr Antonio Cachafreiro Vilar, Deputy Director of Health Facilities - Social Security in Panama, about the regulation of Biotechnological Medicine in Ecuador:



IAPO Webinars

To be programmed in 2015.