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IAPO seminars and workshops

Regional meetings, including multi-stakeholders seminars and capacity building workshops, are one of the cornerstones of IAPO regional programmes, in line with the IAPO Strategic Plan 2015-2017


“Equal access to essential medications is held as a universal human right” - Dr Caroline Chang Campos, ORAS-CONHU

“Patient-centred healthcare benefits all in society. It makes clinical, economic and social sense to create patient-centred health systems in the Latin American Region” - Kawaldip Sehmi, CEO


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2015 - Panama - Multi-stakeholder seminar: "Innovation, regulation and patient-centred healthcare"



2015 - Panama - Capacity building workshop: "Biologic and Biosimilar Medicines: how can patients’ groups build their national strategy?"



2014 - Rio de Janeiro - Multi-stakeholder seminar: "Increasing the patient voice in drug regulatory authorities"


There was widespread consensus that drug regulators and patient groups need to work more closely together in Latin America.

Eva Maria Ruiz de Castilla, Governing Board Member of IAPO said:

‘All healthcare should listen to the patient voice and drug regulation is no exception. We call on all drug regulatory authorities to take every step needed towards putting patients first.’

Carolina Cohen, from Alianza Latina, said:

‘This meeting was a great success. From now on we expect to see patients and drug regulatory authorities working hand in hand to achieve better healthcare for all.’

See Patients’ voices for the meeting report.